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Ep 25 Finale and The Bottom Line (Coming soon)


Ep 24  Expert Educator Provides Perspective of Urgency and Recommendations- Mrs. Josephine Urso Interview


Ep 23- Financial-Literacy–-A Patchwork Quilt of Opportunity-Beth  Pellar Interview


Ep 22 Mortgages: Ms. Elizabeth Zelasko Interview

Ep 21 Banks Rule

Ep 20 The Tax Person Cometh

Ep 19 A Nation At Financial Risk

Ep 18 Hotchalk Meta-Resource for Financial Literacy

Ep 17 Cultivating Digital Consumers

Ep 16 Indy Kids -Learning Personal Finance from Global News

Ep 15 Get Your Finances Ready for Retirement

Ep 14 Caring for Your Parents

Ep 13 Money Management: Ms. Joan Sabela Interview

Ep. 12 Financial Literacy Meets Character Education

Ep.11 SimBusiness- Free Biz Sims to Learn Financial Literacy!

Ep.10 Is the National Debt Personal Financial?

Ep. 9 Youth and Entrepreneurship Interview with Dan Rabuzzi (Part2)

Ep. 8 Talking Fin Lit – The Inside Story- Guest Interviewer, Paige Eissinger

Ep. 7 TV411- Managing Your Money- Curriculum Options

Ep. 6 Entrepreneurship is “Nifty” aka NFTE -Interview with Dan Rabuzzi

Ep. 5: The Landscape of Financial Literacy Education – A View from ‘The Fed’with Lloyd Bromberg

Ep. 4 Words from the W!SE: Interview with Phyllis Frankfort

Ep. 3: Reality Check in Financial Literacy!

Ep. 2 Flagging Econ Propels Financial Ed PLUS Interview with Lloyd Bromberg from Federal Reserve Bank of NY

Ep. 1: Welcome & Scoping Out the World of Financial Literacy




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