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Episode 44: Mickey Ebert:Curriculum Writer for Financial Literacy

February 06, 2012 By: admin Category: curriculum, economics, national archives, Phyllis Frankfort, resources, Selena Schwarzfager 1 Comment →

EconEd Link logoAn Interview with Prolific Curriculum Writer for Financial Literacy, Mickey Ebert.

Join us for this stimulating interview with a prolific curriculum writer for early elementary Financial Literacy, Mickey Ebert is an award-winning retired Blue Springs, Arkansas teacher. Mickey has had unique education experiences as a result of her 34 years in education and has studied School Administration as well as Teaching. She has written and published the astoundingly large body of 42 lessons for EconEdLink.

She currently works as an Education Specialist for the National Archives, applying her deep knowledge of Education to its extraordinary collection of resources made available for teachers.

Mickey’s page at EconEdLink:

Mickey’s page at The National Archives:

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