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Talking Financial Literacy

Now in its third year of production (2011), Talking Financial Literacy Podcast and its companion web-based resource site are a vital wellspring of information and assistance for educators. If you are seeking to gain information, resources and insights about incorporating teaching and learning about personal finance into a variety of content studies, Talking Financial Literacy Podcast is the place to check for current, interesting, professional, and on-demand assistance.

Building on the power of new media, whether you are reading the web, checking the web links or listening to the podcast, you will find an abundance of help in this growing community of educators interested in the same pursuit.

Your Talking Financial Literacy Podcast hosts and producers are Mark Gura and Dr. Kathleen P. King. We are affiliated with The University of South Florida, Tampa and graciously funded by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

Themes and Topics

The series investigates and reports on the current state of Financial Literacy Education in our nation’s schools. The reporting is done with an eye toward identifying gaps and insufficiencies and makes recommendations on approaches to remedy these. The series’ website provides links to content resources that listeners may use in better understanding this area and preparing themselves to provide a better learning experience and program for their students.

The series provides content in the following areas which are traditionally associated with personal finance and economics instruction and for which, traditionally, material for use in schools has been produced:

  • Life Skills (career skills, etc.)
  • Social Studies (economics)
  • Mathematics

Furthermore, a significant portion of the podcast series is devoted to interviews of expert and highly knowledgeable professionals in these and other areas of education that may address instruction in Financial Literacy.

In addition to covering traditional dimensions, the series will ask the questions:

  • What is “Financial Literacy?” Is the answer to this question something of a moving target?
  • Why MUST ‘Financial Literacy’ literacy as mission critical education be re-defined and re-established for young people NOW?
  • How has the world, and peoples’ relationship to economics and financial literacy evolved to make this so important?

One way of addressing the above will be to present relevant headlines and news articles.

The series also examines areas of advanced and exemplary activity in Financial Literacy Education, i.e. states that have developed standards specific to it and that have provided content and other resources to with which to implement them.

Discussion Threads

During the course of the many episodes we explore a wide variety of topics. Each episode provides insight into the place, importance, and methods for a facet of Financial Literacy Education. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Educational resources
  • Strategies for including financial literacy across content areas
  • Available curriculum
  • Banking
  • Saving
  • Budgeting
  • Credit and credit cards
  • Loans (including student loans)
  • Taxes
  • Investing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mortgages
  • Educational Programs
  • Author interviews re: books related to our topic
  • Teacher interviews
  • The financial recession (which has occurred since we began the series)
  • Bankruptcy
  • Community programs
  • What does Joe Citizen need to know about global economics?

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Talking Fin Lit Podcast is graciously funded by a grant from The McGraw-Hill Companies.
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