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November 14, 2011

Episode 41-Economic Education- Interview with Selena Swartzfager

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Economic Education: Picking up Steam in the Old South

Listeners from around the world will benefit from learning about the model used by Mississippi Council on Economic Education (MCEE)  to take advantage of the many ideas and highly useful resources available through their website and its subsidiary links. This interview with Ms. Swartzfager gives the insider insight that will make the huge array of resources very accessible to the listener.

Ms. Selena Swartzfager is the President of the Mississippi Council on Economic Education. Before assuming the responsibilities of President of the MCEE, Selena was a second career teacher, having earned degrees in business and having spent 15 years in the corporate world before entering the classroom. She was a High School teacher of Business and Personal Finance. Thus, she brings a perfect body of experience to her current work. As this interview reveals, the Mississippi Council of Economic Education offers a broad and well balanced program for teachers and students.

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