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Ep 26, Fin Lit Series II Commences

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Join in the tremendous excitement worldwide…..
Video as Midnight 12-31-09 the world celebrates Talking Financial Literacy Series II impending announcements (According to CNN it seems) ??  fireworks-2010The world celebrates Series II (According to CNN it seems) ??

Kathy and Mark welcome listeners back to Series II of Talking Fin Lit. They share many new developments including new features, a model for financial literacy integration and ways for listeners to potentially be part of the show. This is your personal invitation to be part of the Fin Lit Community- Let’s support educators.

Continuing the global conversation about personal

financial literacy for educators on

Talking Financial Literacy Podcast



Talking Financial Literacy Podcast featured in Business Week Sept 2009, Metro NYC edition. Click here to see entire article about unique financial literacy efforts and programs across educational contexts.




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Welcome to the Talking Financial Literacy Community @ Facebook . We hope folks will join us to share links, photos, comments and discussion. But the discussion board will especially be a space to share resources, plans for integrating financial literacy in classes and support as all of us pose new ideas. ho will be first and second to share who they are, their basic interests in this area and any needs or resources?

Invitation for Listeners to Particpate in the show

Listen to the details in episode 26 and then email Mark and Kathy about what you have to share.  Email us at podcast ( at)

 ON THE ROAD – Coming Events

  • January 2010  –    Kathy at FETC 2010 (Orlando FL)
  • April 2010 –  Kathy at NCEA 2010 (St Paul MN)
  • May 2010  — Kathy at AERA 2010 (Denver, CO)
  • June 2010 — Mark and Kathy at ISTE NECC 2010 (Denver, CO)

See for full details fo speaking engagements and opportunites to meet Dr King and Mark.. we enjoy meeting our podcast community!

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