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Ep 23: Financial Literacy – A Patchwork Quilt of Opportunity: Beth Pellar Interview

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This episode features an interview with Ms. Beth Peller, Former Local Instructional Superintendent, New York City Department of Education. Beth Peller retired a year or two back from a very successful career with the New York City Department of Education. Over several decades she served the Department in a variety of capacities. After starting as a classroom teacher, she was tapped

to become a citywide Staff Developer for the Central Office. She moved on to become Head of Literacy for Community School District #15 in Brooklyn for a while and then served as a Language Arts Specialist in the Office of Performance Standards, a part of the central organization’s Division of Instructional Support. Finally, she served as a Local Instructional Superintendent until retiring. Speaking with the benefit of deep experience in the field of education, Beth shares some informed insights about the challenge of Financial Literacy Education.


Articles and resources discussed in this episode.

• U.S. teenagers lack financial literacy

• Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Journalstockmarktgame

• Stock Market Game

• Using the Stock Market Game in Twelve Easy Steps!

• Federal Reserve of Education


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