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Episode 6 Entrepreneurship is “Nifty” aka NFTE -Interview with Dan Rabuzzi

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Kathy and Mark share insights and resources on the topic of using entrepreneurship as a focus for student financial literacy. The centerpiece of this episode is Part 1 of an interview with Dan Rabuzzi NFTE, national program director for NFTE (The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship). This compelling interview provides valuable insight into the power of using this model with students as they take the CEO seat and realize the details and reality of finance. In our changing world careers are very different and many students will in fact be small business managers, consultants or CEOs. Therefore this knowledge and exposure needs to expanded beyond our business classes and CTE programs solely. NFTE is a great model of a program that works.Added to this exciting interview, Mark and Kathy also provide an article to kick off the episode and  new media resources which will help your students dialogue with others on the topic of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Growing their global perspective, building their understanding of personal finance, enabling students to create content- all empowering principles for our classrooms.


Join us for this exciting episode as we explore the global realm

of personal finance for financial literacy education.

Lead News Article

“Students learn to create, not find, jobs”

Report: Many Indiana students poorly prepared to manage money
Six of ten Indiana high-school students failed a national money-management survey, and about the same number say they learned everything they know about the topic at home, according to a new Indiana Youth Institute report. Schools would do well to instruct students on money management, helping them to distinguish between wants and needs and the proper use of debit cards, said Lena Yarian, president of Junior Achievement of Northern Indiana. The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, Ind.) (6/2)


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