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Episode 1: Welcome & Scoping Out the World of Financial Literacy

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Financial Literacy is Mission Critical Lifelong Learning


Welcome to the series! Our first episode provides an introduction to the new world of Financial Literacy. Talking Financial Literacy is a global discussion dealing with educational needs emerging from the ever changing world of personal finance. Co-hosted by Mark Gura and Dr. Kathleen P. King (Kathy) this new series provides professional development and resources for educators, students and lifelong learners. Finding our way to and through the impressive amount of material on this subject, this 24 episode series will be both a report and an investigation.

Defining Financial Literacy
A continuing theme… let’s begin with a definition from Wikipedia
Financial literacy is the ability of individuals to make appropriate decisions in managing their personal finances. Raising levels of financial literacy is now a focus of government programs in countries including Australia, Japan, the United States and the UK. …”

We will be looking for academic standards in Financial Literacy as the series progresses.

Financial Literacy is not simply enhanced by technology,
but the use of tech in this area is essential!

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(The Need for the Population to be MORE Financially Literate)

We will be probing the state of financial literacy in schools

Financial Literacy (Education Specific) Headlines

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